The Matriarch's Service is a game feature that was added in mid-2014. Every day, the Matriarch asks residents of the Valley to send Her horses of three different colors. These horses will leave their owner to forever become part of the Matriarch's herd and help Her with divine tasks. The Matriarch will exchange a small amount of silver for every horse that is sent to Her, or She may rarely grant a Heartfelt Blessing instead. Blessings may be exchanged at Her altar.

Starting in May 2016, the Matriarch also accepts Ethercorns that are at least 60 days old and level 200. For each Ethercorn sent back to Her realm, the Matriarch will grant one Favor Point. This currency can be exchanged for custom Ethercorns, or for Heartfelt Blessings at an exchange rate of 25 Favor Points for one Blessing.

The Matriarch will not accept horses that are under level 150, but she will accept those who have had Garden or sale restrictions placed upon them by a previous owner.

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