This item is not to be confused with the Prize Box or the Daycare Gift Box, disabled items that served a similar purpose.

Seasonal Gift Boxes were implemented on August 28, 2015. Users would obtain one for every 500 foals or eggs they click per day, including self-owned horses. These boxes may contain (at random) food, trinkets, the monthly Ethercorn color, or exclusive eggs and adult horses. Even if all foaling stalls are closed, the egg(s) can be received. Each box has a different selection of possible horses, and the box obtained depends on the current in-game season.

These items were retired in October 2017 as part of that month's daycare update. Existing boxes can still be opened to obtain their prizes.

Spring gift boxSpring Gift Box

Summer gift boxSummer Gift Box

Fall gift boxFall Gift Box

Winter gift boxWinter Gift Box