Locked Heart Pegasus

Locked Heart Pegasus Egg
Release Date February 28th, 2014
Rarity Breeding-only
Breeding Behavior Color purity

The Locked Heart Pegasus is a silver custom by Alrak as a commission from Wolfie. This color was sold by Subterranean Cat during the Frilly Heart Afterparty event, for a total of 50 Blood Crystals, 35 Nocturne Crystals, 25 Candlelight Crystals, 35 Quick Crystals, and 60 Silk Crystals.


Locked Heart Pegasus BabyFoal

Locked Heart Pegasus V2V2


  • This color is currently one of the only two silver customs that has foal art, but has no chance of gaining Eternal Youth. The other is the Toad Abode Unicorn.

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