Dawn vine

Food items can be bought from the Food Shop, obtained from events, or found in Prize Boxes and Daycare Gift Boxes. They can, of course, be fed to horses of any stage, and will grant a number of levels specific to the food item that was used. Food can give anywhere from 1 to 149 levels at a time. Unlike on some other sites, there is no penalty for not feeding your horses, but feeding them can help them reach adulthood faster.

Below is a list of food and how many levels each gives.

Image Name Levels Image Name Levels Image Name Levels
Maglion Maglion 1 Glitter bloom Glitter Bloom 1 Snake root Snake Root 1
Iron bark Iron Bark 1 Blue tears Blue Tears 1 Hanging moss Hanging Moss 1
Little ear Little Ear 1 Puff flower Puff Flower 2 Gold lantern Gold Lantern 2
Cardamonia Cardamonia 3 Lunar lights Lunar Lights 4 Sun spikes Sun Spikes 5
Quivar Quivar 5 Moss dust Moss Dust 6 Rattle lantern Rattle Lantern 6
Dry vine Dry Vine 7 Flute neck Flute Neck 7 Dawn vine Dawn Vine 10
Ice bells Ice Bells 12 Pineapple advark Pineapple Aardvark 15 Rainbow puddin Rainbow Puddin 15
Floodle Floodle 18 Kiwi koala Kiwi Koala 20 Little lamb floret Little Lamb Floret 20
Strawberry mouse Strawberry Mouse 20 Disco rainbow cake Disco Rainbow Cake 20 Insane sparkle cake Insane Sparkle Cake 20
Frosty blue ice cake Frosty Blue Ice Cake 20 Blue rainbow cake Blue Rainbow Cake 23 Mixed berries Mixed Berries 25
Mixed nuts Mixed Nuts 25 Frozen leaf Frozen Leaf 25 Gilded leaf Gilded Leaf 25
Rainbow cupcake Rainbow Cupcake 25 Vegan fish Vegan Fish 25 Frothy rainbow cake Frothy Rainbow Cake 25
Tiny rainbow slice Tiny Rainbow Slice 30 Disapproving watermelon owl Disapproving Watermelon Owl 33 Hypnotic rainbow cake Hypnotic Rainbow Cake 35
Delicate spring parfait Delicate Spring Parfait 35 Pinata cookie Pinata Cookie 35 Mouse cake Mouse Cake 40
Whale of a cake Whale of a Cake 40 Hay bale Hay Bale 50 Flower basket cake Flower Basket Cake 50
Butterscotch Butterscotch 50 Pumpkin pie Pumpkin Pie 65 Aphoixs paw Aphoixs Paw 75
Lollipop Lollipop 75 Sugar and frost cupcake Sugar and Frost Cupcake 75 Stacked rainbow cake Stacked Rainbow Cake 85
Venedyrs tears Venedyrs Tears 100 Harvest wreath Harvest Wreath 100 Fruit shark Fruit Shark 100
Peppermint Peppermint 100 Shattered ice cake Shattered Ice Cake 100 Winter rose petit fours Winter Rose Petit Fours 149

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