After the Valley's Frilly Heart Day celebrations ended in 2014, Subterranean Cat reappeared with an offer. If residents of the Valley traded him some shiny crystal hearts, he would give them some rare, Non-Frilly eggs in return.

After a bit of convincing, Subterranean Cat began taking bribes of silver in exchange for these crystal hearts, with the promise that the hearts would be traded back to him later.

Blood crystalBlood Crystal

Candlelight crystalCandlelight Crystal

Nocturne crystalNocturne Crystal

Quick crystalQuick Crystal

Silk crystalSilk

From 2015 onward, the Frilly Heart Afterparty event has taken the form of a basket drop event during the last week of February. Not counting unbreedable species, all Non-Frilly horses use the color purity breeding system.

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