Shining gold gem

This was an event celebrating Valley of Unicorns' fourth birthday, and started on May 16th, 2017.

In this event a player sent any number of named adults over level 200 through portals created by Subterranean Cat to far corners of the Valley, in search of Shining Gold Gems. Eternal Youth horses were considered too small for the task. Horses lost 20 levels upon entering, and it took them anywere from 15 to 80 minutes to return with goodies. The trip was exhausting for them though, so a horse could only be sent off once per day.

Horses could return with small amounts of silver coins, Shining Gold Gems, food, and eggs, of which there were around 70 new colors and poses.

Turning in a Shining Gold Gem to Subterranean Cat earned you one Black or White Anniversary 2017 Paaefarin; turning in a Gold Coin earned you two.

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