Black Anniversary 2015 Pegasus

Release Date May 4th, 2015
Rarity Retired
Breeding Behavior Uninheritable

The Black or White 2015 Anniversary Pegasi were the prizes for turning in Shining Gold Gems or Gold Coins during the 2015 Birthday Party event.

These horses consist of a plain black base, and randomly selected stripe and mane tip colors. Horses obtained later in the event could possibly also have colored hooves, and speckled and/or striped coats. This means that nearly no two Black Anniversary pegasi look the same. Due to this unique attribute, Black Anniversary pegasi are unable to wear apparel. These colors cannot be passed down to offspring.


Black Anniversary 2015 Pegasus V2Basic

Black Anniversary 2015 Pegasus V2 SpeckledSpeckled

Black Anniversary 2015 Pegasus V2 StripedStriped

Black Anniversary 2015 Pegasus V2 HoovesColored Hooves

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