Beach Redux Unicorn

Beach Redux Unicorn Egg
Description This egg smells of salt.
Release Date April 4th, 2014
Shop Price 10,000 Silver
Rarity Silver Shop
Breeding Behavior Standard

The Beach Redux Unicorn is a Silver Shop-exclusive color that was released on April 4th, 2014. The V1 pose was originally made by kitestrings as a paintbrush color for Celestial Vale, one of VoU's now-defunct sister sites, but here all three poses are considered official site colors. An egg of this color costs 10,000 silver.


Beach Redux Unicorn BabyFoal

Beach Redux UnicornV1

Beach Redux Unicorn V2V2


  • This color's egg art contains a portion of a Foam and Froth Hippocampus, a pet that existed on Celestial Vale.